Marketing your event planning business has a major role in boosting the publicity of your business to prospective clients. In marketing your event planning, you would require necessary tips that you should be aware of and hence the article to guide you through this phase of your business.

Here are certain steps to follow as a guide to marketing your event planning business;


It is important to take a look around for local event venues, churches, schools with space where events could be held and other possible locations in your area. When you have taken note of them all, you would have to ask whoever is in charge if it would be okay to leave behind your flyers or brochures so it could be passed on to people who patronize their venues for other activities. You never can tell who would be interested in booking an event with you and just happened to have come across your flyers.


Digital marketing is what is in vogue in the present-day for marketing and promoting any form of business not leaving out event planning as well. Having your event planning on a digital platform gives it that online presence which you so require. Majorly every young boy and girl, old pa or ma of the present-day are familiar with digital platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook pages and more. Stay professional about these marketing platforms and do not post anything personal on your event planning pages.


As an event planner, marketing your business should not be an only you thing to do. Request referrals help from past clients who may know people that also know people.  By asking for referrals, you tend to see the rate at which your customer base could increase. This is because a potential clients happen to want to work with you if they have been referred by a close friend or family member. This is because as they feel for you to have been referred, you really must be good at what you do. It is then up to you to meet up with their expectations.


Many times, you go through your page and come across a post saying something like, ‘invite 5 people to purchase this item and get a discount on your order’. As an event planner marketing your business, such idea would go a long way most especially if in your case you offer referrals a certain percentage when they bring in a client. Not to worry, even with the percentage you would be given out, you still would not make a loss if you are good at what you do.



Email marketing is a key step in the marketing worked today. For you as an event planner who wants to market what you do via email, you should create a record where you fill in every clients email and also look out for email marketing companies who help broadcast your business to thousands of emails around the world.


Having a blog for your event planning business is a must do. This helps provide detailed information about what you as an event planner know about planning events and weddings. A blog draws a lot of attention as well as potential clients who get intrigued with your contents including pictures of past jobs done.

On this article, I would be talking about certain reasons for the necessity of having a blog for your event planning business as shown below;


Having a blog tends to put you aside and makes you stand out amongst other event planners. The blog gives you the expert feel and shows to your clients that you know what you do for you to even keep an online presence with ideas and stories and genuine contents.

Blog posts help with educating your readers and giving them a preview of what and what not to expect when sourcing out the services of an event planner. Use your blog posts to make individuals see reasons on why they need to hire an event planner no matter how small the occasion they decide to celebrate.


Owning an event blog as an event planner shows people how passionate you are about your job. This is a big opportunity for you as an event planner to exhibit your talent to readers with your blog contents as to what you are capable of doing in the event planning business. Give rise to your passion and be guided by it in spilling out all you have got into pages with content able to wow your readers.


Do you know that your blog could tell your person? Owning a blog gives an avenue for readers to have an idea the kind of event planner that you are. The way you write and construct your words could define to your readers how your personality is in real life. Having a presentable personality gives you an upper hand in having a lot more clients than other event planners. This personality may not be shown in person to a possible client but could be exhibited through your blog content.




Many times before certain buying and selling is done, the buyer tends to take out time to do an online research possibly of the company as well as check through feedbacks and reviews. Same applies to event planning businesses as your blog is the major key to convincing people of your abilities. With more jobs gotten, higher revenue is made.

On the other hand, your blog could get you cash on the side from paid ads clicks by customers. Guess you had no idea about that, did you? The more traffic you get on your blog, the more Ads opportunities you tend to get both from AdSense and advertisers who want to advertise their product and services on your online platform hence the necessity of a blog for your event planning business.

Tips for hiring an event planner

When you are looking to hire the services of an event planner, you shouldn’t make things too difficult for yourself. While you spend your time looking for the best, you should also have a set of guidelines you can use to filter out one that will work in your favor.

If you do not have any set of guidelines you follow, the tips below can help you develop one for yourself.

Determine your event objective.

The area you need to consider before going on to look for the best event planner is the objective of the event. This means to outline what and why you are having an event. This is a more important discussion than the budget of the event.

Being able to explain what you hope to achieve from an event can be a huge benefit to anyone who will be handling the planning of the event. You should give answers to the what, when, why, who, how, and where questions before you start searching for the event planner. This will give you the opportunity to make as many changes as you need so you can share your desired thoughts with the event planner.

Why do you need to hire an event planner?

An event planner will need a clear description of the areas of the event they are supposed to handle. The definition of the event objectives can help you determine this.

You should know if they will be making the invitation to the event, if they are to look for someone to set up the sound systems, if they are in charge of drawing up a menu for the event or making a plan for how the different programs will be scheduled.

There are many other reasons why you may hire an event planner. You may also need them to look for a suitable venue to host the event.

Estimate a budget.

A general overview of how much you will spend on an event can be determined from the objective of the event. This will be altered depending on the costs of each program you wish to incorporate in the event.

You must be careful when planning so you don’t end up incurring costs which you can’t afford to pay for.

This is why event planners are important and why you need them.



Look for a qualified event planner.

When you are hiring an event planner, avoid using only word of mouth as a basis for hiring. This approach is more likely to give you an event planner who will produce the results you desire.

When you are looking for the best, a more in-depth research is necessary. You should look into their work experience, previous jobs, reputation within the community, and if they run a website, read through for reviews on their services.

An event planner with a good reputation among other event planners will be a much better option than the one you find through word of mouth.

Interview the event planner.

Before you decide on an event planner to hire, you should make sure you listen to at least three different planners.

To make it easier to get what you want to hear, give them little details and listen to what they can come up with from this detail. This helps you determine their level of expertise.

You should also inquire on what they do in case of any unforeseen developments during the event and their experience on different events.

Although you want to be the one listening most of the time, a good event planner will also try to squeeze out information from you so they can tailor the event to your taste.